IT Solutions for Skilled Trades.

Whether it be publishing job information for a mobile workforce or securing the blueprints to critical national infrastructure, Pitch Partners can help you to get the job done.

Large infrastructure projects may have strict security and compliance regulations that must be adhered too, but could also have a high turnover of staff or require rapid deployment of additional resources. Job Schedules, Designs or Parts lists may need to be accessible to site workers on mobile devices, or shared with other parties. You need a system that is Flexible, Secure, Scalable and Cost Effective.

Our Enterprise Cloud solution is what you need.

Some of the IT challenges within construction.

  • Publishing Information for site workers
  • Scaling for Project Staff
  • Meeting Contractual Obligations
  • Securing Sensitive Data
  • High Turn Over of Staff
  • Sharing Information with other interested parties
  • We moved our IT requirements over to PitchPartners as we wanted full support without hassle and confidence that our data was secure. They haven’t disappointed and we are enjoying our growing relationship with them. Its refreshing to feel so well looked after.

    James Hallam - Camgo Electrical

How PitchPartners solve these challenges.

  • Created workflows for centralised documents to be shared securely and as read-only to site workers smartphones.
  • Our process driven delivery allows for rapid deployment of hardware and worker setup on a temporary basis.
  • Underpinning our service are deliverables and security to meet most common obligations, however we have embedded bespoke requirements where necessary.
  • By default we provide three tiers of data security settings, however these are fully customisable depending on requirements.
  • Our flexible contracts, communication methods and processes allow us to add and remove staff with little notice.
  • Created dedicated sharing mechanisms based on security and content requirements, allowing full accountability and visibility controls.

PitchPartners Enterprise Cloud

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Enterprise Cloud

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