Expand your Cloud with flexible Bolt-Ons.

Once the core services are in place, you can expand the capabilities as you need to. Some will build on what you have, whereas others could stand alone.

Whatever your business needs, get our expert guidance on how best to implement it.

Cloud Desktop.

A virtual Windows PC in the Cloud. Take remote control from any internet connected device and use just like a normal PC.

There are many use cases for when a Cloud Desktop could be the perfect answer, such as providing a safe method of remote access to a company application or data from untrusted devices.

Perhaps you are working on a sensitive project and need strict controls and audit trails, using a Cloud Desktop you can ensure data only resides in one place and tightly control access to it.

You could also use these for single case scenarios such as testing or researching a topic whilst keep your anonymity.


Teams Calling.

We recommend using MS Teams to handle all your business telephony needs. Your existing phones number(s) can be ported across and the system configured for your usual business requirements. Such as – Time of Day Greetings, Voicemail, Menu’s and Call Routing.

You can make and receive calls right from your Teams client on your computer, mobile, tablet or browser.

Inclusive calling plans are available for both national and international calls.

Teams Rooms.

Bring HD video, audio, content sharing, and rich collaborative Teams experiences to spaces of all sizes for a complete meeting experience. Bridging the gap between people working remotely and those in the office, Teams Rooms enable everyone to be seen, heard, and to fully participate from anywhere.

We can design, implement and support your Teams Rooms solution to seamlessly extend your technical capability in an integrated solution that works with your calendars, applications and files. Use it for internal meetings and training or invite external participants to Sales or Project meetings.

Site Visits.

Whilst our support service includes remote assistance and onsite fixes when necessary, you may prefer to have your own IT technician on hand.

If you want a regular onsite presence, we offer discounts for multi-day packages.

Company Password Vault.

Our Company Password Vault provides you with a centralised system to store all of your organisation’s credentials and control who has access to what, just like your file system. With military grade encryption and Multi-factor authentication, your passwords, pin numbers, physical access codes, banking details and a likes can all be safely and securely stored and shared – no more post-it notes or emailing of passwords!

The inbuilt password generator will ensure passwords are unique and unmemorable, reducing the scope of any attack. Whilst full auditing tracks password usage and provides a shortlist of passwords to change in the event access needs to be revoked.

Browser plugins and smartphone apps are included to make it simple.

All secure workers are enrolled by default.

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