Company Tenancy

Your Tenancy is the foundation upon which we will build your solution. This holds all the company wide settings such email, identity, data and security, which we will configure to our recommended settings or adjust to meet your specific requirements.

We also bundle in our own services to backup all your data and maintain your environment. Pitch Partners will guide you through the process of designing your policies to find the perfect balance of security and flexibility.

We will implement and manage everything for you on an ongoing basis.


  • Company Configuration and Management
  • Domain Name Management
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • License Management
  • Company Password Vault
  • Best Practice Guidance
  • Approval Workflows
  • Policy setup and Management (BYOD / GDPR / Security)
  • 1TB Company Storage
  • Data Backup
  • Remote and Onsite Assistance
  • Cyber Essentials Ready

Why Microsoft 365?

The Benefits of Microsoft 365

  • Cost and complexity consolidation by using a single platform
  • Reduce physical and travel costs by enabling secure remote working capabilities
  • Reduce risks with integrated security and compliance
  • Improve cashflow by reducing capex with less upfront payments
  • Find relevant information quickly and get notifications of changes
  • Transform business processes with low-code automation, dashboards and AI
  • Continuous development on new features and security


  • Microsoft are committed to a Global Sustainability Strategy
  • Carbon Negative by 2030
  • Net Water Positive by 2030
  • 100% renewable energy by 2025
  • Zero Waste by 2030

“Building the foundations and working to deliver on our sustainability commitments while helping our customers and partners achieve their own.” Microsoft

More information on Microsoft’s sustainability commitments can be found here

Resilience & Continuity

Microsoft online services achieve service resilience through redundant architecture, data replication, and automated integrity checking.

  • Redundant architecture involves deploying multiple instances of a service on geographically and physically separate hardware.
  • Data replication ensures there are always multiple copies of customer data in different fault-zones, allowing critical customer data to be recovered if corrupted, lost, or accidentally deleted by the customer.
  • Automated integrity checking increases data availability by automatically restoring data impacted by many kinds of physical or logical corruption.


Pitch Partners can provide additional data backup and Disaster Recovery services.


Microsoft 365 brings together the best productivity solutions for you to stay connected, produce your best work and optimize performance, wherever you are. Whether you’re using a laptop or your mobile device, you can easily create impressive content, access important files, stay up-to-date, organized and collaborate with anyone from anywhere, anytime.

  • Create content in real-time
  • Access files and photos anywhere
  • Collaborate through online meetings, chat, and calls
  • Always stay connected and organized
  • Stay up-to-date through business-class email and calendaring
  • Optimize and simplify operations
  • Streamline everyday processes


Microsoft 365, contains many administration portals, options, and configuration settings focused solely on Security. Each service is protected predominantly by User Authentication, with each application authorizing users to access either the app itself or the content that resides within. Organization-specific security controls and procedures are tailored to your requirements.

Security within Microsoft 365 is not just about enabling features and controls; it also involves the human side of teaching and guiding users to understand the restrictions and what they should be doing. Organization Security is a combination of Security Controls and Protection, combined with end-user training and guidance.


Casual Worker

Intended for workers using their own devices (BYOD). Provides essential productivity tools, support, and security.

Casual Worker Plus

Intended for workers using their own devices that need advanced security and functionality for their documents.

Secure Worker

Intended for permanent staff, high-risk targets and those working on confidential documents. Includes full security, maintenance and support of devices.

Works on All Devices?YesYesYes
User Account Management and Cloud Support?YesYesYes
50GB Email box?YesYesYes
Free Shared Mailboxes and Resource Calendars?YesYesYes
Advanced Cloud Security, Spam Controls and Tracking Logs?YesYesYes
Microsoft Teams?YesYesYes
Microsoft SharePoint?YesYesYes
1TB OneDrive Personal Storage?YesYesYes
10GB Company Storage?YesYesYes
MS Outlook + Web & Mobile versions of Applications?YesYesYes
Office Network Support?YesYesYes
30 days File and Email Backup?YesYesYes
Customer Portal?YesYesYes
Self-Service Password Reset?YesYesYes
Microsoft Office Desktop Software? YesYes
Allow External Calendar Bookings? YesYes
Information, Application and Identity Protection?  Yes
Device Management and Support?  Yes
Advanced Endpoint Protection?  Yes
Access to Company Password Vault?  Yes
Data Policies?  Yes
Automated Deployments?  Yes
Hardware and Warranty Admin?  Yes


Expand your service and functionality with our ready to fit bolt-ons. We can’t list them all, but if you don’t see what you need – just ask.

  • Cloud Desktop
  • Teams Phone System
  • Teams Rooms Conference Facilities
  • Regular Site Visits

Bolt-On Services

Looking for something bespoke?

If you need something specific, we can tailor a solution or service just for you. Perhaps you need…

  • An Office Move
  • An Application Hosting Platform
  • Help With Modernising Workflows
  • Support for Legacy systems

Bespoke Solutions

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